12 February 10 • MAV

Stephanie and I sat in The Blue Spoon right here in Portland, Maine (one of the best and most cozy eateries in town to be sure) about 1-1/2 years ago and made our notes about what 3191 Miles Apart would be. At that time we had not even come to the end of our year of evenings and we had no idea what that book would look like.

It’s funny how time moves forward pushing you and encouraging you whether you want it or not and you honestly don’t really know what will come next. It’s scary. It’s really scary. For me it’s less so with a partner like Stephanie.

This post marks our one-year anniversary here. Stephanie, thank you. And readers, thank you. We have enjoyed sharing our random thoughts (and sometimes lectures, on my end anyway) here and we hope you have enjoyed your time here too. Now, a quick look back at my top five favorite posts by Stephanie. This was a hard choice to make …

13 March 2024
Whenever I thrift I always hear Stephanie’s tips in my head. She is a pro and this post proves it! When she visited me this past Autumn we were driving out to the beach for a quick walk and we spotted a long table of what looked to be free items on the side of the road. We turned to each other and looped the car around hurrying right back! We both picked up a few small things. I felt really happy to be there with her.

22 May 2023
Quintessential Spring. And Stephanie’s way of showing it … perfectly gorgeous. Plus, it’s always fun to see the kids in her posts. Reminds me of how much I’d like to see them again real soon.

3 July 2023
A letter straight to me while I was in the middle of the rainiest summer ever here in Maine. I, along with everyone around me, was craving something warm and something … well, something summer! I’m still thankful for this one. It made me feel balmy from the inside out.

28 August 2023
Seeing behind the scenes of the creation of one of Stephanie’s collections is such an incredible treat. The tones in this August post were so lush and magical. And I mean come on, sheep handmade out of plaid … what could be better???

8 January 2024
There is so much I want to learn from Stephanie and since we cannot be in the same town to exchange tips, projects, secrets I will take every single lesson in this space that I can get. It made me so happy to start the new year side-by-side with one of her incredible teachings.