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12 February 10 • SCB

Today we are celebrating a year of posting at 3191 Miles Apart as well as over three years collaborating together. Happy blog birthday, MAV!

I feel tremendously lucky to have my friend MAV and to share this space with her. She makes collaborating remarkably easy and continually compelling. Very little is discussed, and a lot is created which is how I love to do things. Thank you to everyone who visits here and shares this experience with us. We are so happy to have you.

Here are just a sampling of some of my favorite posts of MAV’s from the past year—

13 February 09
I love this post because it was her first on our new venture together (and we both offered up hearts in chocolate). After years of looking at MAV’s shots in the kitchen, they have become comforting and familiar. Those orange measuring cups have come to carry the same nostalgia as the ones my mom used when I was a kid.

15 May 09
I think that MAV created this post at the very last minute, but it was instantly a favorite. What can I say? The blue table gets me every time.

14 August 09
Just the most visually lovely post. Visit it on a cold and dreary day. You will be uplifted.

25 September 09
It was just awesome to read about MAV’s preparations for my visit, and then show up just a few hours later to start enjoying her hospitality. When I can’t sleep at night, I imagine myself in one of my ‘happy places’—sometimes it’s the pensione where we stayed in Venice on our honeymoon, sometimes it’s a tent on an isolated mountaintop, but often it’s MAV’s comfy bed with the birds soaring above, 3191 miles away.

29 January 2024
And finally, MAV’s CLEAR OUT instructions were just what I needed to hear last month. Practical, ruthless, liberated—I am going to apply her principals to my closet this weekend. I will, most likely, hold on to my striped shirts as well.

Thank you for another amazing year of collaboration, MAV. xox.