19 February 10 • MAV

These days my brain is on overdrive! Millions of thoughts flood in one after another after another. It’s awesome … and at the same time a wee bit overwhelming. Here are just a few thoughts from the last couple days … as designed & printed by my gorgeous assistant, Chloe.

A thought wondered with reference to the man who was in such a hurry to get off the plane that he had to jump right up in front of me + 2 other women + an old couple. I think he even shoved a small child.

yes, please
A thought said out loud when I was asked: ‘You were pointing at the chocolate chip cookie, right?’

A thought felt when I came across an old photograph of my nephew from this past Summer; it is now the wallpaper on my phone.

i miss you.
A thought felt more than once. I did miss him. And them. And the cats too.

why me?
A thought that pulsed through my head (and body) after I fell down the stairs this morning. I’m okay but damn did it hurt.

: : :

Hope you’re enjoying your thoughts these days whether they are coming fast or slow.