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13 March 09 • SCB

I had intended to give some strategies for thrifting today, but I got rather preoccupied photographing and talking about some of my favorite items. I think I’ll share my tips over the course of the next few months, starting today with my four most favorite things to look for secondhand. Everything in these photos was purchased secondhand within the last couple of weeks with the exception of the blankets.

1. Glass jars. They are easy to find at most thrift stores and yard sales, and they’re simple to clean in the dishwasher once you bring them home. I use them to keep my bulk goods in the pantry and to store leftovers in the fridge. I love having extras around for when I want to bring a gift of soup or cookies to a friend.

2. Baskets. I look for unadorned, tightly woven, durable baskets. Ones with lids are my favorite for hiding things away. I use these in my pantry, in my work studio, the bathroom, everywhere, really. I love the subtle natural texture baskets give to a room.

3. Kitchen and dining linens. We use cloth napkins at every meal, so finding matched sets of four or more in cotton or linen makes my day. Tea towels in linen or linen blends are a rare, but happy find. They are so much more durable than modern cotton ones. The linen piece with aqua trim in the photo is actually a J. Crew scarf, but I think I will use it as a table runner (and, yes, it was 95 cents!)

4. Wool blankets. I always snatch up quality wool blankets in good condition. We have them on all our beds this time of year, and another stack near the sofa for snuggling. I’m on the lookout for a thick tartan one to keep in the car for impromptu picnics or stargazing. I do always lay them out in the store and look for moth holes and stains.


Happy weekend everyone. Maybe you’ll find your own sought-after treasure.