14 February 14 • MAV


Five years, five years, five years! We have been in this space together for five years. Happy Anniversary to us! I love you, SCB! And, SCB and I love our readers.

As we celebrate five years, we want to say thank you for joining us here! We also want to remind you that our subscriptions to 3191 Quarterly close on Sunday night. Please join us for another year, will you? You will love what we have in store for you … promise.

In thinking about some of my very favorite SCB posts over the last five years, I want to call out these as just a few that I adore …

Winter Greys
One of my favorite SCB posts of all times. The colors!!! The grey. I love grey. I could stare at this all day and … I have!


A Very Good Summer
I always feel honored to have my photographs next to SCB’s but sometimes the feeling shines even brighter for me. I love the photographs in this post! And the feeling of summer just really beams.


Sweet Potato Biscuits
We all love this post, don’t we??? I think Sweet Potato Biscuits have changed a lot of our lives.


Down By The Riverfront
I love this photograph and this old post so much. I think I see this photo in my dreams. It reminds me of being a kid again.


Popsicle Mania
I remember when SCB started talking Popsicles and I felt a combination of giddy and super, super jealous. One of these summers SCB will come here to Maine and make some for me and my team of popsicle junkies. Please, SCB?!

* * *

I could go on with more SCB favorite posts but I will leave it here for now. We hope, in our sixth year, to have many exciting new things for you, readers. One thing we are planning is a better, more searchable, archive! Hip hip! Here we go year six!