14 February 14 • SCB


Five years ago yesterday, MAV and I published our very first posts to 3191 Miles Apart (hers and mine). We had already been collaborating together for years on our Mornings and Evenings projects, but this was our first foray into sharing more from our lives— recipes, stories, projects and simple inspirations.

We want to thank you so much for joining us here—whether you have been along for the whole journey or are just discovering this space. We are proud of how we have grown with 3191 Quarterly (subscriptions end Sunday, don’t forget!) and our collections at by3191. We are also proud of how we have stayed true to our roots in creating a space that is sincere and heartfelt.


This week I want to share just a few of my favorite posts from MAV over the years:

Dark Chocolate + Blue Table (up top). We call it that blue table, and if you have A Year of Mornings, you probably recognize MAV’s former dining table which has become something of a 3191 icon. Just the sight of it makes me happy and nostalgic for that first year we collaborated.


Best Part Of Doing My Taxes. MAV sees beauty and visual relationships in everything around her. It makes her a very inspiring person to be around!


My Oatmeal. I love this post because it reminds me of sitting across from MAV at her table in Maine, eating warm oatmeal on a cold morning.


Closet Clear-Outs. I revisit this post often when I feel my closet and drawers start to overflow with unnecessary items. MAV has effortless, amazing style, and I have learned from her that editing your wardrobe is essential!


We All Have the Sky. MAV and I share an affinity for photographing the sky. This set of film photos and words about connection are magic.

Thank you MAV, and thank you readers for making 3191 Miles Apart such a special place!