21 February 14 • SCB


December was the holidays and birthdays and celebrations of all kinds. January was heavy with work and worry and travel. But in February, I have found myself back in the kitchen, and it feels good.


After months of takeout and convenience foods, I am working my way back to thinking and making ahead. A big batch of granola with pumpkin seeds and almonds and crisped rice. MAV’s hamburger buns made small for sliders, one half of the batch sliced and tucked away in the freezer for the next burger night.


A chicken, roasted for Sunday dinner, and then made into noodle soup with the veggies from the bottom of the bin. Lemon zest is grated onto every bowl because citrus tastes like sunshine right now.


Big pots of grains and legumes—this week farro and tiny lentils—to store in the fridge and eat cold in a salad or warm with an egg on top (farro and lentils is also one of my son’s favorites to take in a thermos for lunch).


And prep, prep, prep. Veggies and fruits washed and chopped at the ready. Beets grated and pickled for salads and sandwiches. Work ahead, so meals are grab and go. Who needs takeout?



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