14 June 13 • SCB

School is out for my kids today and that means summer is officially here, calendar (and, often, weather) be damned. I am so ready. As I was looking through my film negatives for another project this week, I kept coming across images of summers past that made my heart ache with nostalgia. The sun, the creeks, the lakes, the oceans (we will go to two oceans this summer!), the endless play, the bounty of berries, the fresh green things from our garden, the campfires, the hammocks creaking in the trees, the dusty trails, the popsicles for breakfast, the wildflower crowns, the visits with friends and family, the farm stands, the books started and finished in one day, the cold beers, the bike rides, the light and the long days. I am so ready

And a few posts from our archives to get this summer party started:

My summer essentials

Summer adventures kit

Excited to dry my laundry on the line


Sauvie Island is calling with strawberries and, later, blackberries

Some of my favorite ways to eat strawberries

I am going to make strawberry shortcake for my dad again this weekend

Salad rolls are the perfect hot weather dinner

Baked tortilla chips to go with fresh salsa

Popsicles!apricot-strawberry ones are so pretty

Camping cookies keep ya going on the trail

Cold brew coffee, yes!

My son has been mixing up batches of honey lemonade

And Jack has been making G&T’s

Visit the library

I have some balloons stashed for the first heat wave

Oneonta Gorge is another hot weather treat

I love the beach

We will visit the beach in North Carolina too!

Camping, then hopefully, more camping…

Happy Summer!