7 June 13 • MAV

Time is flying! I have been hanging on to it for dear life (Did you know one week ago my creative team and I opened a shop here in my Portland? … I have not even had time to tell you about it!) and really need to just ground myself in this space today.

It’s time for me to just be a bit quiet and take a look back to one year ago. I need to pause and remind myself of where I was one year ago. Sometimes this memory lane really helps me calm down. Let’s go …

One year ago, this little guy above, my second nephew, was turning one. Today, he turns two! I love you, Gus. Happy Birthday sweet baby.

One year ago, I was addicted to chocolate chip olive oil cake. I have not made this in quite some time. It must go back on the list. It’s SO good. Oh and I have a new favorite Chocolate Buckwheat Cake recipe coming in Quarterly, No. 12. Sit tight!

One year ago, I was working on my first leaf collection with Miles, my first nephew. This was for a piece in Quarterly, No 8. It was as rainy then as it is today!

One year ago, I was drinking a lot of smoothies. I think I’m about ready to start that trend again. Bring on the summer fruits!

One year ago, I was at the cottage working on a simple little collection. I’m not going to the cottage until late summer this year. It will be a whole new landscape there. I can’t wait.

: : :

There. I feel calmer. I needed the quietness of one year ago for a moment. Now, time to move on to tomorrow.