29 August 10 • SCB

Around here we are winding down with just a little over a week until school starts for the kids. We find ourselves trying to pack in as much summer as possible—the amusement park, backpacking, picnics, late evening walks, sleeping late and one last trip to stock up on summer’s bounty. We’ve been out to Sauvie Island multiple times for strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and we headed out there this week with friends for peaches and blackberries.

The peaches were huge and made for easy picking (some had to stand on their tiptoes, though).

Then some fat chester blackberries. This was my first time picking cultivated blackberries (they grow wild everywhere here), but they were worth it—sweet and juicy with fewer seeds.

A few in our group were more munchers than pickers. I’m okay with that.

We’re out of here. There’s more summer to be had.