2 October 09 • MAV

This week I’ve been in New York with Lines & Shapes (and Other Books) for the NY Art Book Fair. It has been very busy but I have managed to have a few food revelations (none of which I had my camera for, sorry!) …

1. Divine sandwiches and sweets at the newly opened Saltie: 378 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
2. Warm kale and lentil soup at The Farm On Adderley: 1108 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn
3. Perfect Stumptown coffee at The Ace Hotel: 20 West 29th Street
4. Yummy green bean salad with egg and almonds at Marlow & Sons: 81 Broadway, Brooklyn
5. Delicious vegan sesame banana muffin/cake at Birdbath: 145 7th Avenue

… And a few really inspiring moments (which I did have my camera for) …

The lunch that Lena made us on our first day at the Fair.

Meeting Yuko Yamamoto, one of the artists in our newest book. We worked with her via email for weeks but all of the sudden she turned up at our table and it was just lovely to meet her!

Two of my favorite tables at the Fair: Foil and Hassla.

And oddly, I sort of really liked the tiles in the unisex bathroom at PS1. A photo from a bathroom??? Oh the moments one has their camera for. I bet at this point you’re wishing I had had the camera for that green bean salad! Maybe I’ll have to try to re-create it at home. We’ll see.