2 October 09 • SCB

I wish I could show you the beautiful spots of early fall color that dotted the coastal landscape as I descended into Portland last Saturday morning, but my camera was stowed away out of reach. I took only a few photos the entire weekend, actually. We were so busy getting these books out into the world that I didn’t dare disrupt the great rhythm we had going by stopping to document it all.

Those stacks up there are just a portion of the international pre-orders we took the post office on Saturday. That’s a lot of customs forms to fill out, but it was amazing to see some of the far-flung destinations of this little book of ours—India, Japan, Norway, Mexico, Australia—all over the globe, really.

When we weren’t sitting around the table signing (and signing. and signing.) and stuffing envelopes and catching up on life in real time, we were eating. Oh, MAV kept me well fed. We also made a few deliveries to local shops. This photo was taken at Rabelais where we had our show and booksigning last year. I really like being nestled up right next to Julia Child.

Amazingly, we finished almost all of the work by Sunday evening, and we had time before my flight on Monday to work on a little styling and photography assignment. MAV and I have been collaborators for nearly three years now, but it feels pretty special to work together in the same room.

I came home with just two souvenirs—my own small stack of signed books and some vintage wool yardage that MAV gifted me at the last moment. I thought I’d show her that I already put it to good use.