9 October 09 • MAV

Who was it that said they hoped when they died it would be on a grey day? Was it Woody Allen? I know it was a filmmaker and I think it was a man. Oh, who knows (I know I could ‘google it’ but sometimes I just don’t feel like it). Regardless of who said it, I agree with the sentiment completely. I believe on a grey day one can truly see colors, feel moments and breathe fully. On a grey day one has to look at what is inside to cheer themselves up as there is no sunshine outside to do it for them. On a grey day one can find calm and solace among the more frenzied moments and that newly found composure can help to rejuvenate and restore.

This past week I have found myself to be a little worn out and defeated. There are a whole lot of silly things that have made me feel this way but it started with news on Monday of the end of Gourmet magazine. This is something I will never understand … it’s big business and I think it is so disappointing. Then I had two baking projects go sadly wrong (note to myself: MAV, you prefer to use maple syrup as a sweetener, not honey; why do you not remember that fact?). And this week I had the huge unexpected realization that my beloved Summer is indeed over and we are, in fact, in the middle of Autumn.

So early this morning, a decidedly grey morning, I hiked up a small mountain. I needed a few quiet strengthening moments before my day started and I found them.

I took a few fixings (not sure why I don’t have a proper water bottle and instead had to hike with a glass jar bobbing around in my backpack).

I noticed a beautiful pine cone which I would like to make into a barrette.

I dove into ashen and dusky black tones which happily reminded me of Jil Sander.

I started to appreciate and apprehend the bright color that is all around during this Maine Autumn season.

And … I read Gourmet at the summit. A-hem, hey Conde Nast, I’m not letting go that easily! This weekend I will pull out some archive issues and cook and bake Gourmet exclusively. They may be going down in ‘real’ life but in my life, on this grey day, they are going with me, straight back to the top!