7 August 09 • SCB

above: the cover!

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This week we are celebrating our new book…

This book is very close to our hearts. We have done all of the work ourselves from choosing the size and the paper to deciding which images will be shown in large full-bleed size. MAV will even be on the press check for the book in a few weeks and I think she plans to take us along so more on that soon!

As a part of the hullabaloo this week on 3191 Miles Apart we wanted to chat to you about some of our favorite diptychs and also do a little interview of each other. Enjoy! Oh and if you can’t get enough of us you can read another interview we did this week (thanks Susannah!) right here.

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My favorite evenings diptychs:

February 8
This was one of those evenings when I was low on energy, and it had become quite late and I still had not taken a photo. I was lying on my bed staring up at the old light fixture above me with the pull cord hanging down. There it was. I love the image paired with the cool blue tones in MAV’s. Both images are very much about light.

June 18
I love how the magenta and yellow/orange tones of MAV’s friend’s bracelets are mirrored in my image. This diptych has an overall feeling of summer meals shared and savored.

November 24
The juxtaposition of the abstract view of the lights (I’m not even sure what your subject was, MAV, I’ve always meant to ask) with the brightly lit cabbage has always been exciting to me. Something that I didn’t notice right away, but a viewer pointed out to me, was that MAV’s image has just one green cabbage-colored dot (thanks, Shari!).

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MAV’s questions for me:

1. When our year of evenings first started you and I both would send the occasional email about how different it was than Mornings and how it was really a challenge for us. When do you think you started to feel comfortable? Was there a specific diptych where you can see that you made that shift?

It’s funny because I remember feeling really insecure at the beginning of the project, yet the diptychs from that first month are among my absolute favorites. I had grown so comfortable with mornings—this all felt so new and often awkward. I remember stepping out on my chilly porch at twilight on January 28th (shown below) and snapping a quick photo of some tall grasses against my neighbor’s house. The next morning when I saw it paired with your shot, it just suddenly clicked with me how much I loved the project. I wouldn’t say it was always smooth sailing from then on out, but I did feel a special commitment to and reverence for the project after that.

2. What is something you learned about me during our year of evenings that surprised or even shocked you?

It was shocking to me that you didn’t sit at your famous blue table enough in the evenings! No, but I did often find myself feeling jealous of how much you seemed to eat out.

3. Is the sky-view in January 9, 09 and January 14, 09 the same (shown below)? I have always been fascinated by how in Mornings and Evenings we both can snap photographs out the same window and see such different skies over the course of two years. These two images side by side in the Month By Month section are really interesting to me.

Yes, that’s out my son’s window looking out towards Mt. Tabor. I never noticed that I took almost the same view just a few days apart. I guess I was pretty taken with the sky that week! One of my favorite morning pairings is also that view (November 6th).

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Thanks for reading.