17 July 09 • MAV

‘Vegan, gluten-free AND (mostly) sugar-free’ … forget it.

Well, at least that was my first reaction to the Babycakes bake book

Now, a-hem, after having tried quite a few recipes in the book (some a couple times), I am chiding my snobbery and skepticism and honestly saying I have never made any more moist sweet treats as these. I mean it! Those of you who don’t eat gluten-free or vegan, please join me in keeping an open mind …

The Babycakes bake book springs out of the well-known New York City bakery of the same name and was released this past Spring. I like to have a diverse collection of books in the kitchen and I bought this one mostly interested in the ‘sugar-free’ baking but also admittedly because it just looked so cute. The pages are peppered with photographs of beautiful women making bakery treats. What could be more perfect than a chance to imagine myself in one of their outfits frosting cupcakes all day?

The book is divided into the following sections — Muffins, Biscuits & Scones, Teacakes, Cookies & Brownies, Cupcakes & Frostings, Cakes & Crumbles, Pies & Cobblers, Drinks.

The recipes are easy to put together and explained very simply. I like how I can tell that the Babycakes team has spent a lot of time working on these combinations making them their own. From where I sit it is very inspiring to know that so much love and care went into discovering all that is now encompassed in Babycakes (the bakery, the book, the idea of creating sweets recipes for those who can’t or don’t want to eat everything…). It’s just exciting and I like supporting it.

This week alone I made the Lemon-Poppy Teacake (I actually made mine without lemon and it was nice to know that you could just skip the lemon zest and extract and still have a delicious Teacake) and a batch of the Blueberry Muffins. At this time I am ready to declare that until I find another, Babycakes is my go-to Blueberry Muffin recipe. And just in time for blueberry season here in Maine. Yes!

One of my other favorite recipes thus far is for Carrot Cupcakes. They were SO moist. Whew. I had three in a row (we’ve already established I can eat sweet treats like olives, remember?) and then had to get them out of my flat as soon as possible. That is always a good sign. I, of course, had to have a cream cheese frosting so I took away the vegan bit but I am sure it would have been wonderful with their vanilla frosting recipe as well.

I will give you one word of warning — you have to buy some ‘special’ ingredients to make these recipes. Xanthum Gum may not be something you have on hand and it can be pricey. That said, it’s worth it. These recipes just taste more wholesome than their more sugary and white floury brothers and sisters and those little extra ingredients you’re buying will be nice additions to your baking pantry.

Next up I will tackle the Cookies & Brownies section; I’ll keep you posted. Bring it on Babycakes!