7 August 09 • MAV

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My favorite evenings diptychs:

July 8th
By far my favorite diptych of our year of evenings. I remember going back to this one over and over after we posted it and even beyond that. It just makes me feel like squealing! It’s Summer and I remember just where I was coming home from tucked in the back seat with some people I love and once paired I imagine the specks of sunlight from Stephanie’s image as sort of magically jumping across the centerline into mine or vice versa.

August 12th
This one is just odd and that is why I dig it. Both flattops (the doorway and the cabbage) just sort of make me giggle. It’s as if the chopped cabbage, perhaps not like the other cabbages, has found a friend in the doorway(s) and that makes me happy.

October 8th
On this night I was just about to go to bed and I remembered, ‘Damn! No image for Evenings yet!’ so I said to myself, ‘well, I guess we just won’t post tomorrow’ and then I looked up and POW. Right outside my apartment window was this odd spray-paint on the ground and it was glowing. I ran out (likely in jim-jams) and took the shot. When I checked my email in the morning and got Stephanie’s image I remember gasping; I love how the whole thing came together.

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Stephanie’s questions for me:

1. I have fantasies of living somewhere with true winter weather. Your photos of snow, ice and frost are always favorites of mine. Tell me a little bit about what your evenings are like during the New England winter.

These evenings are some of my favorites too. I stay home more in the winter and get cozy and I love how the winter helps my life go in a cycle giving me a opportunity to slow down where the other seasons might be busier. I find the snowy nights so beautiful and a lot of times I’ll take a late-night walk especially if it snows.

2. Compared to the mornings project, do you think you took more photos out and about for evenings or more at home?

I think there is a balance in both cases. I go out quite a bit at night but I may have not taken my camera with me and ended up shooting a photograph later when I got home. Or I may have made dinner at home and then taken my camera out with me after that for a walk or a drink with a friend. I really like to be out and about for at least part of the evening whenever possible.

3. What was the most surprising pairing in evenings for you?

I always thought it was surprising when our images matched in tone or color. I remember always finding it unbelievable and thinking the viewers would think we talked about the images for certain! But I remember on January 13th (shown below) I was really shocked. There was no separation between our images at all … and the project was almost over. It just seemed so exciting to me.

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Thank you so much for celebrating our year of evenings with us this week!