5 October 12 • MAV

Big day here at 3191 Miles Apart HQ. Opening day for our Quarterly subscriptions. Hip hip!

On top of thinking about the 2012/2013 issues of Q and making plans for the year, we have been working behind-the-scenes putting together something special just for the subscribers. I want to give you a run-down of that special publication today. Subscribers (new and renewing) will be the only ones to receive this publication. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Our 3191Q Notebook came about as a collaboration with Culture Convenience Club in Tokyo, Japan. I met the good folks from CCC a few years back at the NY Art Book Fair and really loved their energy. They love books as much as we do and in talking with them I learned that they were very big fans of A Year Of Mornings telling us that “all women in Tokyo loved our book.” Of course we were honored to hear it!

They started carrying our 2011/2012 issues of Quarterly at their Daikanyama Tsutaya Shoten bookshop (a few beautiful photos of the shop can be seen here) in Tokyo and we were over the moon! Shipping boxes of our issues over to Japan really made us feel extra proud.

In talking with CCC we realized there was a great chance for a collaboration. Something special, printed in single limited edition, that would go only to their shop and our new or renewing subscribers. The ideas started to flow from there.

We knew we wanted to make a publication that was bigger in size and our 3191Q Notebook is just that measuring in at a whopping 16-1/2 x 12 inches folded (think of the newspapers you grab from stands around your city). And we knew we wanted it to include outtakes from the last year of Q. We just have too many images that we love and not everything makes it into the issues. This new piece was a great way to include those extras.

As we worked on the layout and design, 24-pages worth, we realized it was also a chance to add in some completely new content as well so the Notebook includes an unpublished recipe, notes about how to cut-up your t-shirts, our favorite books lists and more.

Lastly, we were thrilled to be able to have another opportunity to include instructions for Stephanie’s popular Hanging Plants project from Q6 (that issue is completely sold out and no longer available). We love the idea that Q supporters are still the only ones to receive this project and the Notebook the last chance for us to share it again.

So to break it down … this is one special publication and it is ONLY going to subscribers or re-subscribers (while supplies last). Once you place a subscription order your Notebook will ship to you within 1–2 weeks and then your first issue, No. 9, will arrive in mid-November. So what’s awesome is that you not only get one issue of our 3191 Quarterly FREE when you subscribe but you also get this special 3191Q Notebook. We love that this year we can give you more 3191 for less money! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. Order your 2012/2013 Quarterly Subscription and get your FREE Notebook right here. xo

5 October 12 • SCB

We are so excited to announce that subscriptions are now open for the 2012/2013 year of 3191 Quarterly! We are proud to be able to bring you a bigger and better issue this year at a lower price! We continue to be committed to printing our issue ad-free on recycled paper in the USA. Subscribers get one book free, are mailed their books in advance of their release online, and will receive a gift of the 3191Q Notebook. It is a tremendous opportunity and only available for a limited time. It’s going to be a great year!

We began 3191 Quarterly rather modestly two years ago. We were looking for a way to further explore our connection, our photography and our outlook on life. We wanted to tell stories that could be experienced beyond the blogging format. After our amazing experience of sharing A Year of Mornings and Evenings in book form, we wanted to put something in your hands again. We produced our first year of 3191Q simply bound in limited quantities

That first year, we developed our story-telling style and brought you along on “field trips” close to and far from our homes.

We presented our first projects with a focus natural materials, usefulness, and great design.

In our second year, we took a deep breath and made significant changes to the heft and quality of 3191Q. We changed to a perfect-binding with more pages, improved printing quality, and added a glossy seasonal insert in every issue. While we knew we wanted to keep things fresh and exciting for our readers, we also knew there was so much we didn’t want to change. We wanted to stay true to the 3191 spirit. We continued to produce all the content and photography ourselves with a focus on our everyday lives, our homes, our travels, and our communities.

Our recipes are our own tried and true favorites. Simple, flavorful, and wholesome.

Last year’s design changes allowed us to focus on giving you a volume full of visual inspiration, and we wanted to take that even further for this coming year. The 2012/2013 subscription year will feature issues that are both larger and longer, but, once again, we are keeping our unique 3191 perspective. We are excited to bring you another year of storytelling, exciting projects, delicious recipes, inspiration and advice. There is no other publication quite like 3191 Quarterly, and we are so grateful to those of you that want to share in the unique experience as subscribers.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!

3191 Quarterly 2012 / 2013
Issues No. 9–12
7-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches, color offset
72 pages + cover, perfect bound
printed in small edition in the USA

3191 Quarterly Issues No. 9–12
Four Book Subscription Limited Offer!
Get one book free when you subscribe.
And while supplies last get free a copy of 3191Q Notebook too!
$89 including US Shipping
$99 including CANADA Shipping
$129 including INTERNATIONAL Shipping

• Subscription includes Issue No. 9–12.
• Books deliver in mid-November, 2012 + mid-February, 2013 + mid-May, 2013 + mid-August, 2013.
• Subscription prices include shipping (per issue shipping cost: $6 US / $8 CAN / $14 INT).