We did our first collaboration outside the 3191 spectrum in the fall of 2009. We were together for 3 days in Maine to work on shipping our 3191: Evenings book and the opportunity to join forces for a commission just popped up. Over the last four years we have partnered up on the four projects which you see here. We are always looking for more opportunities to work together on unique assignments. Let us know if you have one!


Quince & Co. is a knitwear company based in Maine. It is made up of two amazing women, Pam Allen and Carrie Bostick Hoge. Carrie came to us in the Spring of 2011 with a simple question: “can we collaborate?” We loved their yarn so much that we decided to dig in and create something. Stephanie developed two handmade necklace designs, MAV concepted some early inspirational imagery and color palettes, many necklaces, bracelets and headbands were made, photographs were taken and a book was made. For now the book is sold out. Sign up for our shop mailing list to be the first to know about a second printing … we’re thinking about it!

Starbucks Summer

For this commercial commission we met up in Austin, Texas for 4 very long and hot days. They were wonderful. Beyond being able to work side by side sharing our vision for the imagery and trading cameras back and forth, we were actually able to sit down to a 3-hour meal just the two of us. Absolute heaven. Starbucks Summer, Refresher and Iced Drink print ads were over the world in the Summer of 2011. Sometimes we still see them! Let us know if you do!

Starbucks Espresso

Our first commercial commission as a team. MAV directed and Stephanie shot the photography for this campaign, alongside the talented Brian Ferry, in Savannah, Georgia. We had not seen each other for 1-1/2 years when we met up and it was a whirlwind. Print ads, billboards, web banners and much more went live on March 13, 2011. We were all aflutter emailing each other, sending photos, remembering our time in Savannah and all that we created while there.

maine Magazine

We shot and styled this assignment in a matter of hours the afternoon before Stephanie was heading to the airport to go home. Having not seen the items that were to be in the shots beforehand we opened up the bags and spread everything out on the tables to see what was what. We don’t usually shoot with such darkness around our subjects but it just felt right.