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3191 Miles Apart

13 September 14 • MAV


It took me a while to get my head around creating digital issues of 3191 Quarterly.

I’ve always been a print girl myself. I even started my career straight out of college in book design. And as some of you might remember, I am the daughter of a librarian and a teacher and because of this fact alone, paper with words and pictures on it has been a longtime love in my life.


It was actually SCB who encouraged me to get with the times and get on board with digital. She even encouraged me to take photographs on my phone, which I am now quite enjoying! I really have to thank her for that. SCB opened me up to a whole new way to be creative and she reminded me that our longtime fans, and new fans alike, would still really like to get their hands on our past years recipes, projects, writings and inspiration. And afterall, we did put so much effort and love into those back issues that are no longer available in print. Why should they just be gone forever?


When we released the first set of issues it was so rewarding. We loved hearing from 3191-fans who were creating old projects and making old recipes. The content in those issues is just as relevant today as it was in previous years and that is just awesome. I knew at that point that we would continue to release other out of print issues and I’ve loved the process. It’s hard to believe the only print issues that we still have in stock are the ones published this year, and those will soon be gone as well.


I will always be nostalgic for our printed 3191 Quarterly, and I know some of you will as well, but I love this new way of connecting with people and I thank you all for encouraging us to move forward in this way.


Now available in our shop:
Issues No. 1–4
Issues No. 5–8
Issues No. 9–12 (New! And shown in these images.)

13 September 14 • SCB


I am really excited to share year three of 3191Q with you again via digital downloads! These issues are our biggest and most packed-full of content—ideas, advice, photos, recipes—of all the years. Every issue featured a project to make and inspire as well. I’m excited to see folks discover these again and see all your wonderful variations and interpretations.


Issue No. 9 features a dip-dyed hand-knotted bottle carrier.It’s great to have these on hand for the holiday party season! (See some other ways I use the carriers in this post).


Issue No. 11 features water-colored beads made from air-dry clay.


Issue No. 12 features instructions for dyeing using ingredients from your kitchen.


And I didn’t forget Issue No. 10…it features a pattern for paper stars. Simple enough to make with kids (my son actually taught me how to make these), but also adaptable for all kinds of materials and occasions. I had fun this week creating stars in a new way. I used iron-on adhesive (Heat N’ Bond, available at most craft and fabric stores) to fuse fabric to sheets of paper (you will need a heavy-weight paper or light card stock). You will want to choose fabrics that are lightweight enough to not resist the fold—I used linen and silks. Once I had my fabric paper, I just continued with the instructions for the stars. I can see this technique as a way to preserve favorite scraps of fabric from sewing projects, a wedding, or even sentimental pieces of clothing (like men’s dress shirts).


Digital downloads are in the shop now. Choose single issues or, for the best value, download all four as a bundle! The issues are PDFs and can be viewed on any device with Adobe Reader—your phone, computer or tablet.