7 December 12 • SCB

As a companion piece to MAV’s beautiful gift guide from last week, I wanted to share some ideas for gifts that you can make yourself.

I made these no-sew napkin sets using the fraying technique from my post on scarves. Look for quality woven cotton, linen, or cotton-linen blend fabric that has a design that is the same on both sides. I used two ikats and a homespun plaid. I was able to cut six 15-inch napkins from each 1.25 yards of fabric (if I had made them slightly smaller, I could have cut nine). I am giving out sets with six mix-and-match napkins. Larger 18-24 inch “lapkins” for picnics, 10-inch kid-lunch napkins, or 4-inch drink coasters would all make great gifts as well.

A few other simple gift ideas:

:: For a crafty friend: a forked tree branch, some yarn, and a copy of Issue No. 8* which includes the branch weaving instructions).

:: For a friend who likes to sit fireside: a basket full of firestarters wrapped in newsprint and tied with twine

:: For a smoothie-loving friend: mason jar to-go cups (you could also include Issue No. 8* which has our favorite smoothie recipes).

:: For a friend who doesn’t like to get out of bed : selvedge pillowcases in a beautiful linen.

:: For a friend who is always in the kitchen: a new wooden spoon and a jar of spoon-oil.

:: For a friend that wants to learn to cook more things from scratch: the recipe for granola and a jar layered with the dry ingredients.

In Issue No. 9*, you’ll find instructions for a hand-knotted bottle carrier. Fill it with wine or beer or one of these other ideas:

:: A candle in a jar

:: A rock collection

:: Balls of yarn for a knitter

:: A stack of grapefruits

:: Your homemade pickles

And finally, brighten someone’s winter with living greenery. If you have Issue No. 6 (now sold out), make a knotted rope plant hanger. We also reprinted the instructions in 3191Q Notebook which is included in all subscriptions and is only available to our subscribers (you’ll also find some great suggestions for your book-loving friends in there).

* Please note: 3191 Quarterly subscriptions close for good on Sunday December 9th at 11:59 pm, eastern. The rest of our shop will close for the holidays at this time as well. If you’d like a subscription, a 3191Q Issue or something from MAV’s collection, make your purchase this weekend!!