2 February 14 • SCB



I feel as though I have had my head down working and worrying for weeks, so this week I thought I’d celebrate and share some of the things I have been loving!


I love fresh flowers and forced bulbs brought inside. Nothing saves me from the late winter blahs like colorful blooms.

I love my new Sodastream. After resisting getting one for years, I finally gave in, and, while I am not crazy about the plastic bottles, I am glad to no longer be buying multiple bottles of Pellegrino weekly. Great for making ginger ale or rhubarb soda, too! (I do miss those green Pellegrino bottles a bit…they were a part of the landscape of our home). Please note that I am not affiliated or sponsored in any way with any products mentioned here. Just my honest opinions!

I love my new Miele vacuum. Beautifully designed, quiet and functional. I feel like such a grown-up investing in this vacuum.

I love my new Bose Soundlink Mini that I received for Christmas. The sound is amazing and I can move it around the house and stream music or podcasts from my phone wherever I am working (it’s especially great in the bath).


I love teamwork. I love MAV and this space we share. I love being able to bring friends and family in on projects. I love when I get to work with the More & Co. team.


I love being a parent to two middle-schoolers. This age range gets such a bad rap in our culture, but I love sharing this time in their lives. I value my kids’ privacy and don’t talk about them much here, but watching them become such amazing, creative, opinionated individuals is a real joy.


I love the new design for the 3191 Quarterly 2014 year. Some changes were made to make it more affordable for you while still being proudly printed in the USA, but we also are getting back to our roots with more photos and simple visual inspiration. I love that each issue has a particular focus, so the full 3191Q experience unfolds throughout the year (making subscriptions your best bet…we are still offering them through February 16th!)


Subscribers should have their first issue in their hands now, and the digital issue will be arriving in your email inbox next week. I hope you love it!