New New New ~ New Collections & Quarterly In The Shop!

2 February 14 • MAV


It’s here!!! Let the new year of 3191 Quarterly begin!

We are so excited to show you our new 2014 issues. We are excited to show you our new format, our new energy, our new ideas. We have gone back to our roots. In the 2014 issues of Quarterly you will find more storytelling, more quiet space and more of our day to day real-life photographs. We have heard you and this new year of 3191 Quarterly is for you! (Read more about our intentions for the year right here.)

If you think you will want all four issues this year you should consider subscribing today. Subscriptions close for the year very soon. Subscribers get their issues weeks early, they get a special digital issue of 3191Q (with completely different content than the printed issues) and they save money!

Thank you for your dedicated support and we hope you love this new issue as much as we do! The issue will be available for purchase starting on February 14, 2024 (issue price = $14 + $6 usa shipping / $8 canadian shipping / $10 international shipping).

Below you can see some of my outtakes from our newest issue, 3191Q No. 13.