24 November 13 • MAV

For me, a big part of accepting the oncoming winter season, which seems to have arrived in Maine this weekend (burr!), has been to create a very wintery Beauty & Use Collection. This new Collection, arriving in our shop on December 2nd, communicates how I dream of winter. Blacks, navys, greys, creams … dots, plaids, checks, stripes. Pieces to layer with your favorite heavy sweaters and warm tights. Layering patterns and textures is how I make it through winter, after all.

I am excited to show you my new Blouses …

… my new Wool Scarves …

… my new Sleeveless Dresses.

I am excited for you to see the fabrics. Some came from far away places and some I, and SCB, stumbled upon 3191 miles away. My seamstress and I have pre-washed the fabrics where need-be and we have worn and worked the patterns. We know them inside and out. I feel they are truly beautiful and special. You deserve that.

p.s. I want to thank the beautiful Betsy, as ever, for being my model muse. xo, B.