24 November 13 • SCB

I was oh-so proud of myself to get a good chunk of my holiday shopping done at the More & Co. shop this week (I am ahead of the game rarely-to-never). I found gifts for folks aged one to seventy-five, and may have thrown in a few things for myself as well. These bright blue French Dot socks are my new favorite thing. I do love a pop of cobalt blue!

Do you have a color that energizes you? For me, it is this bright true blue.

I love it best in small doses.

As I look around my house, I can see these pops throughout.

A few other bright spots right now:

:: Upcoming Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday (previous Thanksgiving posts here and here and here). This year it will be just our little family celebrating together (and my first full day off all month), and I am very excited to have a cozy and simple day.

:: Perhaps I will start my feast with a cider and rye cocktail. I love that Michele, who I found on Instagram and discovered lived in my neighborhood, has created this lovely new blog space.

:: Soup. All I want is soup. I have a large butternut squash waiting to become this.

:: A week of cold, clear, crisp weather here in Oregon. I have not been out in it nearly enough.

:: All the wonderful folks who have subscribed to 3191 Quarterly 2014 thus far. We are so grateful, and so very excited to share this year with you.