11 October 13 • SCB

I am really excited to introduce you to Lena Corwin’s new book Made By Hand, photographed by MAV and me!

It was a true pleasure to work with Lena who was so kind, creative, and passionate about these projects and makers. MAV and I were really excited that she wanted to work with us as a team—she placed a great deal of trust in us! There are 26 projects in all from 13 different makers, ranging from screen-printing, to weaving, to jewelery-making, to soap making, and so, so much more.

MAV and I began by photographing the finished projects in our own homes and favorite environments (that’s my daughter in the beaded necklace), bits and pieces of the photos will be familiar to longtime 3191 followers.

Then we traveled to Brooklyn to photograph the makers and their step-by-step processes in a studio class environment. It is always a treat to be working side by side with MAV and throwing all these creative women into the mix was the icing on the cake.

As you can see in the top photo, when I received my copy, I set right to work making some of the projects. I’ll have more to share about the projects and the makers soon. It has been wonderful to come full circle with this book—from photographing the finished pieces (and marveling at how they were made), to meeting the makers and documenting their process, to finally trying my hand at making my own versions of the projects.

Made By Hand is officially released into to the world on October 15th. Do note that MAV and I plan on offering the book in our own shop with something special just for the 3191 community—we’ll let you know when it’s available!