4 October 13 • MAV

Hello! Just a quick note to say that we have been working with Shopify all week to resolve the problems at by3191. We want your shopping experience to go smoothly and are planning on adding the SCB and Found Collections on Monday, October 7th. Subscribers to our mailing list will be the first to know when items are available! Thank you so much for your patience—we are excited to share these new items with you. —MAV & SCB


I hope it doesn’t embarrass my 3191 partner when I say this but … Stephanie is an artist whom I look up to.

She has no idea I am going to write this dispatch here dedicated to her, and she might kill me after she reads it, but I have been one of the biggest fans of SCB’s work for quite some time. I want to take a quick moment today to say thanks.

Stephanie’s work is all around my house … this pinecone above sits by my side every night as I do dishes.

These two rocks keep my sweetheart company while he makes music in his little music room.

This very special black cat has kept me company many an overnight. (Yes. I have slept with him! Especially when I am missing my old black cat, Raven, whom this cat was inspired by.)

This bunny has been a favorite of every child who has come into our house. I love his striped shirt. They love his ears and bushy tail.

This snowy pinecone hangs on the door right by our dining room table. It is a witness to every one of our long dinners or late-nights working at the dinging room table.

Stephanie has a new Collection out in our shop on Monday. Her hand-made pieces are ones that you will have for as long as you are around and then some. They are charming and unique and, most importantly, they are created by Stephanie. They are her designs and have each gone through her hands. It’s rare to find that these days. I am grateful for her hard work and thankful to have so much of her art in my life. Love ya, SCB. Thank you for all you create.