9 August 13 • MAV

You guys … I have some new pieces that I am really excited to share with you today. Beauty & Use, Collection Six is here!

For this collection, I wanted to build off of my love of indigo blue, as well as a connection I have to deep and muted late summer lingering tones. I wanted to do something a bit more folksy. I wanted to tap into tones and feelings that were inspired by a more rustic and down-to-earth styling.

My first stop was to nail down my indigos … I really love a good indigo top with a great pair of jeans. So simple. So nice! These two fabrics for Sleeveless No. 3 and No. 4 were hand-block-printed and dyed for me by artisans in India. The indigo-dyed cotton is light weight but still has enough body to hold its shape. It works perfectly with the Sleeveless design I had in silks last collection. One of my favorite things about these tops is that smell of indigo that comes along with each piece. Love!

Next, I knew I had to choose a fabric for my last Smock. One of my favorites so far has been the blue and natural stripe from collection two. I brought it back here in a red and natural stripe. I love the weight of this hemp/cotton. It’s so structured and yet very cozy. This is a design I will miss but knew I had to move on after this one fell in the run as lucky Smock No. 13!

And to match up with my red stripe, and bring in more of that rustic feeling I was going for, I had to go with this natural/deep red Crop No. 3. I have been trying to bring this top back for a while and it finally felt like the right time. I went with a raw edge on the sleeve and collar here. My favorite!! I think some women get a little nervous about the idea of a “crop top” but this one doesn’t have to bear all. You can layer it up if you don’t feel it’s long enough. The main thing is that the style is suppose to be boxy and relaxed! Don’t let the “crop” scare you away.

And last but not least I went back to my friends in Thailand and worked on more naturally dyed woven cotton scarves (you might remember those from collection three). These two are both lightweight enough to be brought out during the spring/summer/fall seasons. They are great for layering! Woven Scarf No. 3 has the muted tones of cotton candy and the feeling of that softest blanket you used to have as a kid. Woven Scarf No. 4 has a similar feel, it’s so comforting, but sits in more of the deeper tones of late summer. Each No. 4 is unique in the way it was hand-shibori-dyed. I love thinking of all of the hand work that went into these scarves. I feel so proud when I wear mine.

: : :

This collection feels the most “me” of any one that I have done yet. I will absolutely wear all of these pieces and, most importantly, wearing them makes me feel good. They are comfortable. They are unique. They are uncomplicated. I can mix them with the other pieces and patterns in my wardrobe easily and simply. That has always been my goal for Beauty & Use. I hope you enjoy taking a look at this latest collection. You can see all of the pieces right here. Thank you for taking the time!