9 August 13 • SCB

3191 Quarterly Issue No. 12 is here!

Most subscribers should have their issue in hand by now, and individual copies are now available at by3191. I am really excited to share this, our last issue of our subscription year, with you. It features my most favorite cover  combination yet (the front is a photo by MAV, the back by me—every issue has alternated featuring one of us on the front and one of us on the back) and is full of creative fun, practical advice and visual inspiration.

As with all of this year’s issues, you will find several recurring features—our seasonal gallery glossy insert (this time we look back at colorful spring), our Morning/Noon/Night series (both of these features are shot entirely on film), and our “Favorites” (we share our favorite totes).

To make and do: I share a recipe for your own bubbles solution and MAV guides you through the process of using natural items from your kitchen (from black beans to onion skins) to create beautiful fabric dyes. I am so excited to try her instructions out and will be sharing my results with you here soon!

As always, we wanted to share some of our tried and true recipes with you. MAV includes a summer pasta and almond cornbread, and I have recipes for blackberry shrub (drinking vinegar) and naan.

There is so much more in the issue—I take you Into the Woods with some tips for planning a camping adventure and MAV takes you Into the City with some of her favorite places in New York City. If you are looking to create more relaxed, from scratch meals at home, you will want to check out my piece on what I stock in my pantry and how I use the ingredients to create wholesome last minute meals.

I can’t quite believe we are finishing our our third year of 3191 Quarterly! I am really humbled by the continued interest in what we produce and am particularly grateful to our subscribers (especially those of you who have been with us since the very beginning—you guys rock!). MAV and I have many new ideas and plans for what is coming next, but hope you will enjoy Issue No. 12 in the meantime. Cheers!!