12 May 13 • SCB

It is now late in the day, but I want to take a moment to wish all the moms and caregivers out there a happy Mother’s Day. I am deeply grateful to my own mom who instilled in me a creative spirit and can-do attitude that I hope I can pass on to my own kids.

My latest endeavor to share is a new collection of kitchen and dining textiles that will be added to the shop this coming Friday, May 17th along with MAV’s collection and our newest issue of 3191Q. (You can sign up on our mailing list to be notified once everything has been added.)

Kitchen towels are a mainstay of my kitchen. I avoid disposal goods whenever I can, and a linen towel is always by my side at the counter or tucked into my waistband as I work. I designed these towels to be both beautiful and useful (where have I heard that before?). They are slightly larger than a typical tea towel—their generous size covers a bowl of rising bread amply and can handle drying all the dinner dishes. Each one has a leather loop for hanging to dry.

I searched for linen fabrics with a good, absorbent hand and a heft and texture that can withstand daily use and frequent laundering. There are seven fabrics choices—from basic neutrals to brights. I saw these towels as ones that would mix nicely with the silk-screened and graphic ones you might already have in your kitchen collection.

All of the tea towels were sewn with extreme care here in Portland, Oregon by my friend Melissa. I am so grateful for her help and expertise in making textiles that are both durable and handsome.

Along with the tea towels, I will be offering 100% linen frayed napkin sets in bold ginghams. These textiles are meant for everyday use, but would fit comfortably at a more formal table as well. The napkins are a generous size—large enough to wrap up a picnic lunch to unfold on your lap. The linen is pre-washed and absorbent, but drapes nicely and is not too heavy or bulky, an elegant touch to any place setting.

I am quite excited by this new collection and hope you will be as well!