12 May 13 • MAV

Excitedly getting ready for Friday’s shop stocking — This is the new Beauty & Use Collection (Five). There are 8 pieces in total this time around and this is my biggest collection yet. Eep! I’m so grateful to my seamstress who hand-cuts and sews each and every piece. I said, let’s go bigger this time, and she said, yes! She rocks.

Above: The new design I call Sleeveless. I’ve been dreaming about this top for some time and finally found the right two fabrics (both of which I could only get in very small quantities). This top is generous in its sizing so that the fabric and the volume become a part of the style. I swear this cut looks good on all types of bodies. Both of my sweet friends who “modeled” for me said they loved how it was breezy and light but at the same time not too exposing. Yes! That is just what I was going for.

Above: The beloved Smock. I can’t seem to keep the Smocks in stock so I just keep finding wonderful fabrics to bring them out to you again and again. I know I always say this, but I really do love these two fabrics. Both are natural cotton, both change dramatically through wash and wear, both are faded/muted colors that I love for spring/summer. I cut the sleeves and the length longer this time thinking that ladies might like to wear them as a beach cover-up or over tank tops. These are my summer essentials to be sure.

Above: The second in my Handkerchief series. Black and white polka dotted vintage silk with a hand-sewn hem! That is all I am going to say.

Above: My Tank design (thank you for loving it last time and encouraging me to bring it out again). This time around, I am bringing this to you in three fabrics that are perfect for wearing on hot days with skirts or shorts or layering as basics. Two in the white/cream family, each having their own very special textures that are easier to see here and here, and one in a pink pinstripe, also seen nicely here.

I hope you enjoy looking at the whole collection, alongside SCB’s amazing new linen line, more closely on Friday. Remember, as we say time and time again, the mailing list gets an email the moment our shop is stocked. Sign up here! And, thank you.