20 April 13 • SCB

It has been a stressful, very full week for me, and I’m guessing, many of you. I am itching for renewal and a fresh start. I want to feel spring fever again. I have big plans for the weekend.

First up, is tackling some overdue spring cleaning. I am also going to finally pack away my wool scarves and bring out the lightweight silk and linen (and think about new ways to wear them).

I will be drinking plenty of water and looking at MAV’s detox ideas.

I am adding artichokes and radishes and rhubarb to my shopping list. Once my kitchen is stocked, I am going to prep food for the week (forever inspired by Tamar Adler), including making our favorite treats for school lunches. I am planning on offering salad night for maybe more than one dinner this week to keep things simple and fresh.

At the end of the day, I hope Jack will make me a gin & tonic.

Take good care, everyone.

Photos this week are a few outtakes from a roll of film shot in the early days of spring.