20 March 11 • MAV

I have been ignoring radishes, a favorite of mine, for most of December through February. I have not even given them a second thought. But in these first weeks of March I have been craving them once again. I think it’s a good sign. I think it means that spring with all its freshness is on its way.

As I started searching out radishes again I have found they are mostly from California. Not too far away but still I much prefer food that is grown right here in my own backyard. It just feels right to me.

This past week I was lucky enough to get a bunch of radishes from right here in Maine. I’ll save the details but let me not spare the fine point that they were pulled out of the ground (indoor greenhouse) and I was eating them moments later. Unbelievable and so inspiring! I brought a bunch home and waited for just the right quiet moment to enjoy them.

My favorite way to eat radishes:

1. Wash and dry the radishes.

2. Dip them in salt.

3. Swipe on a pat of cold butter (room temperature butter is also very nice as well) and down the hatch.

Life’s simple pleasures.