Limited Stock ~ Back Issues Of 3191 Quarterly In The Shop!

5 April 13 • SCB

TGIF! We had a number of surprises in store for you today. The first was a Found Collection update, the second was a re-stock of some favorite back issues of 3191 Quarterly (quantities are very limited!), and the third is the launching of our 3191 Album.

The Album is a collection of photos from you allthe 3191 projects, recipes and by3191 treasures you have made your own.

As I scroll through the photos, I feel a completion of a circle.

I love to see our work through your eyes. You take our inspiration and add your own hand, creativity and style. I feel like that is what 3191 Miles Apart and 3191 Quarterly are really about.

Do take a look and click through to connect with some of the great people in our 3191 community. If you have something you’d like to share, email us a photo at, we’d love to see it!

(photos this week from projects I am working on and will share with you soon!)