Limited Stock ~ Back Issues Of 3191 Quarterly In The Shop!

5 April 13 • MAV

A blast from the past here today at 3191: We have decided to add back issues of 3191 Quarterly to the shop in final limited quantities! We are very excited to offer them to you once again (thanks to all who have emailed over the last year with requests; we’ve been hearing ya!).

Let me briefly walk you through the issues …

3191 Quarterly, No. 5 has to have my favorite cover image thus far. I love this photograph of Stephanie’s son, Miles.

Q5 is a wonderful issue for the spring/summer season, with a bit of autumn thrown in. One of my favorite things is Stephanie’s recipe for a simple yogurt cheese with lemon, garlic and thyme (seen above). Q5 brings to you our first seasonal photography gallery too. I just love going back and looking at the images from deep summer, 2011 and remembering those lovely days (did I really paint my toenails that purple color?). I feel ready for summer once again!

In 3191 Quarterly, No. 7 you will find two of my own favorite recipes for maple-sweetened brownies and peanut butter cookies. I have made these countless times since this issue came out. They are my go-to’s for sure. Yum!

In Q7 you’ll also find a trip to San Francisco and to Stephanie’s Portland. You’ll find Stephanie’s wonderful pita recipe and her basket weaving project (seen above). It’s actually a very simple process to make little baskets! Q7 is great for those who might want to dip into another one of Stephanie’s clever and accessible projects.

The last back issue that we have added to the shop is 3191 Quarterly, No 8. There are so many things I love about this issue … my trip to Colorado, the deep spring photographs, cozy images of our homes. I also find myself looking at these garden rose pages a lot (above). I’m so partial to roses!

And of course, the Q8 pièce de résistance, Stephanie’s branch weaving project (seen above). We have seen, through our Instagram and around the web, that you guys have really been enjoying making your weavings! We love seeing that. And we glad to give those of you who missed Q8 the first time around a chance to join in the fun.

So now, just like when we put these issues first out into the world, we say, we hope you enjoy them. Cook, bake, create, relax, ponder, travel, learn and enjoy! See all of our back issues, one final time, while supplies last, right here.