1 March 13 • SCB

A little while back my friend Molly wrote about the oatcakes recipe I shared in 3191Q Issue No. 9, and I have been meaning to welcome the wonderful Orangette readers that discovered 3191 Miles Apart through her. It was a treat to read Molly’s thoughts and experience and to have so many of you enjoy the oatcakes.

As with most of my favored recipes, oatcakes are quite simple and use ingredients that I almost always have on hand—oats, flour, brown sugar, butter, yogurt. They come together and bake quickly, and the result is a versatile little cracker/cookie to have on hand for all types of snack emergencies. They are quite tasty on their own, but are also a great vehicle for a variety of toppings. It seems everyone has a favorite way to eat them.

Slathered with peanut butter and honey, they are a quick bite when you don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast.

My kids prefer them with chocolate-hazelnut spread sandwiched in-between, a relatively wholesome lunchtime treat.

Spread with a young, mild goat or sheep cheese and topped with a dollop of jam (or fresh berries in season), they satisfy an afternoon sweet tooth.

I think my favorite way to eat an oatcake is with something savory—good sharp cheddar, cured meats. Here, I topped one with avocado slices, salt and pepper and a few radish sprouts, yum!

You can find the recipe for oatcakes in Issue No. 9 of 3191 Quarterly (we are very low on stock of this issue!) or see Molly’s adaptation.