22 February 13 • MAV

It’s here! It’s all here! Our shop is fully stocked with completely new items. We love launch day!

I’ll take you through a bit of what you’ll find in the shop.

Our new Issue of 3191 Quarterly, No. 10, is a fun one. My nephew, Miles, is on the cover. This photograph was taken, on film, in late September of this past year. Miles and I were “fishing” together in the chilly early-autumn waters here in Maine. The sun was setting and we were both filthy from our afternoon adventures. I love this photograph, it has so much meaning to me. My hope is that this cover inspires you to get out there and adventure yourself!

Another favorite for me is our new “Favorites” series (pardon the pun). This time we did “Favorite Scarves.” This was tough for me because I am a scarf addict but I was able to narrow it down and choose some newer and some longer-time faves. SCB has some great ones in her section too!

SCB and I spent a week together in October at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. We were working (we’ll tell you more about the project very soon!) and it was a great, cozy place to lay our heads. Q10 includes a photo-diary, all shot on film, from our week at the hotel.

I’m feeling really wild about trail mix these days (I have the winter snack-attacks at about 2 p.m. each day) so I was excited that SCB included her favorite recipe in Q10. I will be making this, and her Brioche (also in the issue), very soon I’m sure.

Moving on, we have had a fully stocked new Found Collection. After a week of spending time around the items that SCB brought to Maine, I have decided that this Sun Plate is my favorite piece. I have such a soft spot for it. It’s so hard to let it go!

May I introduce you to Bunny No. 3? Well he’s my dearest favorite among SCB’s new Collection. Seriously! Did you know SCB makes these all by hand and that Bunny No. 3 includes her own indigo-dyed wool as a part of his body? It’s just amazing.

: : :

Thank you for celebrating our Launch Day with us here. And thank you for your support. Now what are you waiting for? Get out of here and go and peek at our new Collections!