24 August 12 • MAV

This is my Beauty & Use Collection II.

I’m sort of speechless after the last few months of preparation for this second Collection. I am enjoying this project beyond words. These tops are all dream tops to me … cozy yet sexy, roomy yet refined, simple yet not boring (at least I hope they are not boring!). I guess I just really love these tops and I hope you do too.

Beyond that our shop is stocked with a new issue of Quarterly, new prints (Mornings, Evenings and Sundays) and a whole new Found Collection. Thank you for supporting 3191 Miles Apart. We do indeed love what we do and we hope it shows.

p.s. See some film photographs of my new collection here and here on the More & Co. blog. Special thanks to RTS for those!! I love them so much and there are more to come. Keep your eye on More & Co. Notes.