24 August 12 • SCB

It’s here! 3191 Quarterly Issue No. 8 is in the shop now!

I am going to let you in on a little behind-the-scenes secret. MAV and I really debated about the Issue No. 8 cover. Sometimes, an image speaks to us immediately, sometimes we have to do a little searching. You may have noticed that all our covers include a human element. I hope this reflects that this is not a publication solely about food or interiors or travel or crafts or pretty things, but instead a publication about personal stories and experiences—our own personal stories and experiences. I hope this sets us apart, and I hope it is meaningful to those of you who buy 3191Q.

I feel that the cover photo we chose is absolutely perfect (it is one of MAV’s) as we ready ourselves to take the step from summer to autumn and into our next year of 3191 Quarterly (subscriptions for the new year will be made available in the coming months, sign up on our mailing list to be the first to know).

Issue No. 8 continues with our At Home series—a peek into our surrounding along with thoughts on our lives at home.

Another recurring feature is our seasonal gallery. This time, Deep Spring. (That’s a photo of my treasured Beauty & Use smock. MAV has new smocks in the shop today!)

I love the effortless and simple way that MAV approaches entertaining (it is such a pleasure to sit at her table), and her story on a simple and fresh dinner party is inspiring.

I offer a trio of recipes using seeds—tasty nutritional powerhouses.

Perhaps my favorite story I worked on for Issue No. 8 is the branch weaving piece (MAV shared about it last week). You can get a peek on the back cover, but there’s full instructions inside. I hope folks have fun making these!


Summer is a really intensive family time for me, so I was not able to offer a handmade collection this time (I will be back with a new collection in the fall), but I am so excited about the Found Collection II. MAV and I have been looking and high and low, and we have even more amazing finds this time around. Many of them were hard for us to part with—better grab them quick before we change our minds!

Thank you so much for all your tremendous support and interest!

ps: Thank you to MAV for the photos of Issue No. 8 on my favorite blue table as I was having technical difficulties!