16 June 12 • SCB

We have just returned from our first (short) summer adventure at the coast, and it’s on. Summer is on.

Technically, the solstice isn’t until Thursday. I’ll be having my celebratory gin and tonic that night for sure.

All signs are pointing to summer. Strawberries are ripe for the picking. I’ll be making my dad his favorite strawberry shortcake for Father’s Day. Then, we’ll be awaiting the arrival of all the other berries and summer fruits. Crisps, popsicles and smoothies in mason jars will be made daily.

At home, I’ll be switching to cold brew, hanging my laundry on the line, serving salad for dinner, and maybe engaging in the occasional water balloon fight.

A batch of fire starters needs to be made. We have plans to head back to the beach, the mountains, and the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Time to hang the hammock.

: : :

Please note: We are on holiday until July 6, 2012. Our shop is open during these weeks but we will be taking some time off from this space. See you back here in a few weeks with some fun surprises!