4 April 11 • MAV

Lately I have not even had time to pee! Okay. That’s completely not true.

Lately I have not even had time to think! Yes. That’s more like it.

And I lately have not had time to give more love (one of my favorite new years resolutions as you might remember) and it makes me so sad! I love giving love and I love having the time to do so. It can be something small like a note tucked into a sweethearts’ bag or something bigger like a special batch of carrot muffins made from scratch and served warm but regardless of what it is it’s so important to show love! It just feels good.

So this past weekend I could no longer have it! Even though I only had an extra 20 minutes in my day (yes, I had a working weekend; can you even consider that a weekend?) I decided I would make a Salad For Two. One of my favorite ways to give love is to SHARE. I love sharing plates of food, sharing drinks, sharing sweets or ice cream cones. It’s sweet and fun and intimate.

So I chopped up my favorite toppings:

avocado, carrots …

fennel, cucumbers …

almonds and fixings for homemade dressing (my favorite of late is as follows: teaspoon of toasted celery seeds muddled with one garlic, pink sea salt, pepper and then shaken up with olive oil and white wine vinegar) …

and we had our Salad For Two with two forks and one bowl.

Lovely love giving and love enjoying made easy. Always a good thing at times as busy as these. Now, when things slow down (please, soon, please) I’ll bust out those warm carrot muffins. Can’t wait!