25 December 10 • MAV

A few of my New Year’s Resolutions…

* Give More Love.
Have to make this one every year. I need to keep reminding myself that life is short and there is love all around me. There is no reason not to be more loving whenever possible. There’s no excuse.

* Be Easy.
I notice that I tend to turn it up when I am stressed out! What I mean is that I can become rigid and work like a machine to accomplish my tasks. It’s tense for my body and for those who are around me. It’s not good. And you know, I accomplish the same list of tasks in the same amount of time even while I unclench my face and fists, loosen my mental outlook and open my viewpoint on the day. It just feels better.

* Write Down My Stories.
This year more than ever I have started to see my memories slipping away. I don’t like it one bit. It’s time to start writing. If not a journal at the very least a book of MAV stories. I have some good ones! And more than that those around me have good ones and I love listening and taking notice. It’s our history and who is going to tell it if we don’t?

* Visit Portland, Oregon.
No explanation needed. This is an absolute must. (I giggled when I saw a similar resolution on Stephanie’s list.)

* Perfect Steak-Frites.
Every year I try for something new. Last year it was doughnuts (not sure I perfected that one but I sure did have fun along the way). This year I really want to challenge myself to make more cozy dinners at home. Let’s face it, my kitchen sees a whole lots of baked goods (and I’m getting better at them) but a grown up needs to be able to make herself a nice plate of steak and fries. I’m working on that grown up thing.

Wishing you goodness and love as 2010 comes to a close. We’re excited to be in this space with you in 2011. See you on January 7th. Cheers!