20 February 11 • MAV

It’s safe to say I love the internet. I really do.

When I first started blogging in 2005 I sort of didn’t even understand what it was all about and yet a dear college friend suggested a joint blog and I was game to give it a try. Now, 6 years later (nearly to the date), here I am. One of the strongest relationships in my life is with this thing in space: the internet. And I still love it.

I have, however, learned that the internet can’t always fill me up. It’s not always the place I need to turn to find quality. Sure, I can find quantity (oh boy can I), but when I want to sink deep into something for relaxation or inspiration or intimate moments of quiet I still pick up a printed piece. I think I always will.

That’s why I am always so pleased to share 3191 Quarterly with all of you. It’s my hope that you visit 3191 Miles Apart for little moments and pick up 3191Q for something more. Maybe you write in your Q or dog-ear the pages. Maybe you have it in a stack of books and magazines in your living room. Maybe you share your well-worn copy with a friend. Whatever it is I’m honored to be a part of your life in this more intimate and special way.

For the Winter Q we have some really fun little bits for you …

I share recipes for various herbal bath soaks.

And a few cheerful flowery photographs from my film camera.

A report from my 24 Hours in Austin, Texas.

And my delicious Pear Gingerbread recipe.

And more!

There’s lots in the Winter Q to keep you cozy in these last weeks of the season and at the same time inspire you to start thinking about Spring.

We hope you enjoy this issue and thank you for your continued support!