23 January 11 • SCB

This week I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos from the Winter issue of 3191Q. I have been hard at work this past month perfecting recipes, exploring, snapping photos and making messes as we put it all together.

Part of the magic of 3191Q is that we are able share how we experience each season in real time. I find that winter is a season that we often wish we could rush through, and I have enjoyed taking the time to celebrate and savor what this season has to offer. This past month, I have sought out warmth, embraced the darkness, created my own color and appreciated winter’s simple beauty.

The winter issue of 3191 Quarterly will ship to subscribers mid-February and will be available in our shop for individual purchase on February 18th. Subscribe now, and we’ll ship all three completed issues of the Quarterly to you when Winter is released.

We hope you’ll learn not to rush winter quite so much…