29 October 10 • MAV

With the launch of our second issue of 3191 Quarterly, Stephanie and I happily dove head first into a season we love dearly: autumn.

There is something very unique in this season. It encompasses the act of preparing for winter while letting go of summer all at the same time. To me it’s the only season where one can truly feel transition, change and the advancement of time all around. It’s everywhere you look! I feel it is a season to ground us in who we are and where we are going … feel your feet flat on the ground and set actions in motion. Autumn is an inspiration in and of itself.

In dreaming up content for this issue I knew I had to make Oatmeal Cookies (my recipe is on the first page of the 3191Q: Autumn) as well as get David Iovino, the owner/chef of an outstanding restaurant here in Portland called Blue Spoon, to whip up a soup. Thankfully he was game and prepared a really special Squash Soup for you all. It’s delicious!

I also brought a bit of Brooklyn and Manhattan into the issue with a piece called, ‘Finding Love In The Concrete’.

And I hosted an incredible art session with young 3–5 year-olds at my studio. Talk about inspiring!

One of my favorite pieces has to be my tribute to tights season, ‘Toe Tips to Curved Hips’. (And of course tights go so well with Stephanie’s awesome ‘Elbow Patches’ piece.) I don’t know about you but I wear tights so much in autumn. They just feel good and cozy! In this piece I photographed many pairs of tights on the beautiful Evan my scarf piece) while we spent a stunning morning by the sea.

I hope 3191 Quarterly: Autumn, 2010 nourishes you as you transition through the seasons. Here in Maine we are in the heart of autumn and winter won’t begin until late-December. Time to go out and enjoy these days and nights taking pause to watch and feel the growth and repose all around.