5 December 10 • MAV

Jeez. Is MAV scarf obsessed or something?

Yes. Yes I am.

Having written two posts about scarves already (here & here) I was hesitant to go there once again but here I am and in this space I can only be me writing to you about what is on my mind … and once again, it’s scarves. The reason being my new photo & fabric show at chelliswilson here in Portland, Maine. For this show I designed three silk scarves. You can see them on the site as well as here (simply draped), here (loosely knotted) and here (intertwined with wool; love this version for the winter season so much).

In this space today I want to show you something simple inspired by my friend Lynsey (the beautiful model in the photographs on the Come Darkness site). Here we’ll go over one way of tying a scarf turned into four stylings. I LOVE getting the most of one item! In this case the item is one of my scarves from Come Darkness.

Here goes:

Start with the scarf ends one in each head (seen below).

Take the ends and wrap them around the back of your neck bringing each end around to the opposite side in the opposite hand (seen below).

Tie the two ends in a tight knot underneath the draping part of the scarf and against your neck (seen below and in the very top of this post … I’m sure you were wondering what in the world was going on in that first photo and now you know).

And now you have styling one (below left) which is the drape. Love this instead of a necklace. Works so very well with a silk scarf. To get styling two (below right) simply tuck in the drape in the front and along the sides and back. This creates sort of a turtleneck look and feel. It’s so cozy and adds that pop of color if you’re wearing a plain wooly sweater. Keeps the neck nice and protected too and looks great with a coat on top.

For styling three (below left) start with the drape and wrap the pointed end around the knot two times covering it up and tucking in the tips of the scarf so they can’t be seen. This feels loose and adds a really nice volume to the scarf. Great for holiday parties! Styling four (below right) is the same but wrapped one more time and with the knot exposed. To get this look start with the drape and then move the knot to the right or left so you can see it. Twist the pointed end of the drape around the non-knotted portion at least three times until it feels sort of tight around your neck. I love this look when you’re feeling no-nonsense. It’s a bit more dressy and isn’t something you have to futz with all evening. It stays put!

Now, I promise I’ll take a break on scarves until 2011 when I dip into wool scarf stylings. Bet you can’t wait!