12 September 10 • MAV

It’s time again to talk about scarves. Some of you might remember my first post about this topic. Well this time I didn’t have time to get a beautiful model so you’ll have to deal with me.

Never in my life have I been into small scarves or handkerchiefs. I have always turned my nose up saying scarves like this were too small and made no sense as neck coverings. Well once again I find myself going back on my words. The older I get the more I go back on things I once denounced. I really love catching myself in the act of changing; it’s a nice reminder that life is never really too constant and we can’t take ourselves all that seriously.

So these days I am really feeling the handkerchief or small square scarf as a simple fashion item for the Summer to Autumn transition.

I am not going to give you a long list of ways to wear them like last time because let’s be honest, there are not that many, but I’ll just try to inspire you with these quick pics.

I find the best things about a small scarf are first, how nice it feels not to have the bulk of a longer and larger scarf and yet still the warmth of a layer around the neck. And secondly, they are really easy to tuck into your bag just in case the evening gets chilly or you need to pep up your look. I declare the small scarf an essential part of any Autumn wardrobe. Try it out and let me know what you think.