7 November 10 • MAV

Some of you might remember my trip to last years NY Art Book Fair. Well, here I am again. And of course it has been amazing!

Starting with Lena and my pre-game lunch at Eat (those of you who have Brooklyn Diary already know this has been one of my favorite spots for a while now).

Moving onto set up (this year we have a wall of our own, yes!!).

And then hours and hours of meeting wonderful people and talking about our books< (we brought 3191Q this year too so that has been an added bonus).

How could I leave out my favorite Book Fair customer so far…

…and the gorgeous sunset last night from our window (another yes!! we have a window this year)?

Attending the NY Art Book Fair is by far one of my favorite parts of the year. It’s full of inspiring publications put out by great hardworking people. How can you go wrong with books (says the librarian’s daughter)?? If you’re in the area the Fair goes from 11a–5p today. Please stop by and say hello!