20 August 10 • MAV

Who out there doesn’t love vacation!?

Right. Vacation is brilliant!!!

Packing a bag, leaving your home and venturing out into the world is, in my opinion, an essential part of understanding and appreciating your own everyday life. Sure there’s always some stress or trepidation surrounding all of the preparation needed to go on holiday (budgeting, packing, dealing with pets or family members left behind, taking time off work, etc) but once you walk out the door it’s on!

One of my favorite aspects of travel is all you bring back. Not the souvenirs and trinkets themselves or even the memories of activities but rather I am referring to the feelings. Perhaps you spent time on an island and relaxing on the beach was a main activity … how did that make you feel? What were the smells and colors? Who did you talk to and what did you talk about? How did your mind feel and your heart?

Sort of surprisingly I am finding, seeing that I am just back from my own holiday, that my travels are still very close to me. I think I may have finally cracked the code on how to keep it this way … how to hold onto the feelings and the little things, how to savor it. Today I want to give you my tips on how best to savor your own vacation and more specifically how to bring those holiday feelings back with you to enjoy for a long time to come.

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Please note: These are things you need to do on, or just before, the trip.

••• Pack Only Your Favorite Items (And Pack Slim)
I packed a very small bag for a 2 week trip (just to give you an idea, I didn’t check it). I wore everything at least two times and brought items I could easily mix and match up. I had no idea how perfect this would actually turn out to be. I’ll spare you the part where I pat myself on the back for my great packing (or have I already done that?) and just encourage you to really think before you pack. If you love to wear it, bring it, period. Because you know what, you’ll love it even more when you get back. Now when I slip on that pink cotton summer dress I can almost smell the travel within its folds. It has been on an adventure of its own and both the dress and I know this so we have a special new bond that lasts well beyond the suitcase.

••• Meet New Friends
I was lucky enough to meet many new friends along my journeys this time around (above is the beautiful and talented Fanja). My friends showed me their favorite spots around their cities and I went along for the ride. Upon returning home I spent the first few weeks recalling conversations and filled up with new inspirations. When you come back with these long dinners or fun wanderings in mind, and you can still reach out to those people who you were with along the way, it creates a wonderful lingering feeling of connection … not just with those new friends but with the trip itself.

••• Take Photographs of Yourself In Places You Love
This one is so simple it almost didn’t make the list. It’s sort of silly in fact. What can I say? I like to take photographs of myself in some of my favorite spots so that I have those images and I can see that I was there. It helps me, a very visual person, transport myself back to those moment and therefore those feelings. It’s a lovely way to savor where you’ve been and an easy way to bring back smell, light, sound and color.

••• Eat Whatever You Want
Leave the diets and the ‘watching what you eat’ at home. Come back with 5 or 10 extra pounds on your body. I mean, what could help you remember the trip more than coming back soft and happy? You’ll shed the pounds when you get back to your regular eating and drinking but in the meantime it’s sort of fun to come back changed, literally, by the wonderful meals and sweets you ate.

••• Bring & Wear A New Scent
I bought a small roll-on of the scent MAINE (how original of me, right?) just before I left and I wore it every day on my holiday. Now, when I dab it on at home, I am instantly transported to those traveling mornings when I didn’t know what that day would be filled with … instantly brought back to that sense of openness and adventure. This scent might be called ‘MAINE’ but for me it takes me away from Maine and out into the world and out nto what I’ve seen and where I’ve been. This might be my favorite trick about bringing the vacation with you.