13 August 10 • MAV

You might scoff or at least laugh if I told you how smoothly and how quickly the idea for our new project, 3191 Quarterly, came together.

After a long period of both Stephanie and myself being quite busy (the whole Spring season, really), we each finally sat down and wrote each other a couple of notes with ideas, thoughts and recollections. The notes went fast and furious. A few days later we talked on the phone for a lengthy period, a few days later we set a schedule and a few days after that we were off and running! 3191 Quarterly was born just as easily as our first project back in 2007: 3191, A Year of Mornings.

3191Q is not precious in any way and that is just the way we wanted it. We encourage you to write in it, make notes, tear off the wrap-around cover and hang it on your wall; it is not meant to sit on your shelf next to beautiful cookbooks you might not always use (no offense to those as I have tons myself). 3191Q is meant to be an easy addition to your everyday life and we love that about it and hope you do too!

For our Summer issue we wanted to capture not just the feeling and look of Summer but also what each of us have actually been doing, how we have been living and with whom we have been sharing our days and nights. You’ll see adventures as well as everyday life, stories as well as more silent sections, sweet recipes as well as savory … a real slice of life from Stephanie and myself all coming together in a way we cannot compose here in this online space.

One of my favorite contributions was a ‘project’ called Bright Lights / Light Brights. Using natural elements to dye paper lanterns was just so fun and the results were so inspiring to me.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my other favorite: my ‘field trip’ with one Chloe May Brown (my intern and assistant for the last few years). For this piece Chloe took the photographs and they are really stunning. Chloe is off to art school in a few weeks and this may be our last collaboration for some time. It’s so special to me and I hope you can lose yourself in our Summer walk and in our beautiful afternoon.

We are so excited to work on 3191 Quarterly each season and we know it will get even better as time goes on. Take a look at our first issue here and please note you can buy one or subscribe for the full year (and save). Either way thanks for looking at our work, following our vision and supporting our ideas. See you in this space again next week.