13 August 10 • SCB

Like all of our 3191 projects, the idea for 3191 Quarterly came together rather organically and spontaneously. MAV and I have been collaborating for nearly four years now, and while a great deal of attention goes into what we do, together deciding what is next is remarkably effortless and natural. Just as our mornings and evenings projects were transformed into books, it felt right to carry over the 3191 Miles Apart experience into a publication as well, something to hold in your hands, tuck in your backpack, share with a friend or splatter with strawberries on your kitchen counter. I love that 3191Q celebrates each season, and how it serves as a small time capsule of what we were eating, seeing, making and experiencing at that time.

If you ask my kids what was the best part of me working on the summer issue of 3191Q, they’ll tell you it was taste-testing all the yogurt fudgesicles. Lots of fudgesicles. We had to get it right, and they were on board for that endeavor.

My favorite part? Borrowing my daughter’s Prismacolor pencils and sketching some illustrations to accompany a project. Did you know that when I was a kid, the one thing I wanted to do when I grew up was to be an illustrator? Yup, I finally made it.

Whether you have been following along with 3191 from the beginning or are just now discovering us, I hope you’ll enjoy this new venture. When it arrives in your mailbox, make sure to find yourself a cold drink, sit back and soak up a little more summer.